We offer a broad range of services including Consultant, sales and marketing, and operational expertise from supply chain management to merchandising.

Our consultancy, outsourcing and training services complement our core solutions across all industries.

Through our unique network we deliver independent results tailored to the precise needs of each industry or sector. Our customers trust in our expertise, experience and resources to support them in achieving outstanding performance in everything they do.Today, our focus is on innovative ways to deliver business benefits. This enables us to help our customers improve quality, safety, efficiency, productivity and speed to market, while reducing risk and building trust in sustainable operations

MULTINATIOMAL BRANDS MARKETING offers services across 11 major industries through our nine business lines. Each business line develops and maintains world-class expertise to support the evolving needs of our customers. Thanks to our capabilities we are able to provide solutions to the challenges they face across the Pakistan. MULTINATIOMAL BRANDS MARKETING industries are outlined below.
• 100% Foreign ownership
• 100% Tax exemption
• Quick and easy setup and operations
• No minimum capital requirement
• No limitations on maximum capital and denomination
• Complete financial privacy and confidentiality
• Anonymity
• Ability to maintain local / offshore bank account
• Option to open company with minimum one shareholder and director
• Worldwide recognition
• No bearer shares
• Can be opened through authorized Registered Agents
• Commonly used investment vehicle
• Holding company
• Employment contracts
• Real estate asset protection
• Tax exemptions (depending on the jurisdiction and structure)
• Lawsuit protection
• Flexible business laws
• Own intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and copyrights
• Yacht registrations
• International trading vehicle
• Facilitates joint ventures