About us
Company Profile
SYED'S GROUP  "Multinational Brands Marketing" is Consultant for the best positioned to offer the world's producers of fast moving consumer goods the highest quality representation in d Pakistan. It is our innovation, infrastructure and integrity that set SYED'S GROUP apart from the competition. The company’s corporate philosophy has continually evolved along with the ever-changing world of commerce. We combine innovative systems, based on advanced technologies and new marketing principles, with our legacy of integrity and focus on our clients' needs. SYED'S GROUP is the "Preferred Distributor" for over 40 consumer brands within the Pakistan for good reason.
“Preferred” is a distinguishing reference often echoed from the premier consumer packaged goods manufacturers that SYED'S GROUP represents in the  Pakistan marketplace. SYED'S GROUP takes great pride in its long-term joint-venture partnerships that have been founded on trust and reliability. And our clients know that they can expect fully committed participation and support from SYED'S GROUP at every level. With nearly 10 years of experience as Consultant services, fast moving consumer goods, SYED'S GROUP presents a unique combination of benefits to the companies we serve. Our unsurpassed knowledge of the Middle East and Pakistan market has resulted in long lasting relationships with our Busniness partners. SYED'S GROUP extensive network reaches every retail channel and we have earned the trust of Pakistan retailers over decades. We offer a broad range of services including Consultant, sales and marketing, and operational expertise from supply chain management to merchandising. SYED'S GROUP advanced information systems maximize efficiency and ensure top quality client support.
As a progressive family-owned business, SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing"  combines the traditional values of personal trust and responsibility with the best practices of today’s professional management. In fact, many of our 100 employees have been trained with the high standards and proven business methods. The end result is a commitment to delivering genuine benefits and superior quality that is deeply ingrained in SYED'S GROUP core infrastructure.
Mission Statement
SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing" is committed to remain the trusted partner and premier distributor for principals of major consumer brands within the Pakistan
Management Team
Founder and Chairman:

Syed Ishrat Ali Shah (Late)
In addition to establishing the company and guiding its growth, Syed Ishrat Ali Shah (Late) has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to promoting economic development in MIDDLE EAST and Pakistan. As an early innovator, he established a joint venture with companies to build manufacturing facilities in the MIDDLE EAST and Pakistan, and has continued to vigorously champion the growth of diversified commerce in MIDDLE EAST and Pakistan.
Syed Ashhad Ali
Board of Directors :
Messrs. Syed Aqib Ali , Nadeem Khan , Zubaria Syed, Farina Ghazal Syed
As the next generation of businessmen, the Board of Directors remains at the heart of SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing" . The Board continues to expand SYED'S GROUP impressive infrastructure and focus on state-of-the-art technologies to enhance their Consultant capabilities, while attracting a broad base of brand principals that appreciate the potential of the Pakistan marketplace.

As a world-class consumer goods organization with true global reach, SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing" Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that the company provides their client's added value in today’s highly competitive and complex trade environment. Manufacturers of major consumer brands recognize the team’s collective efforts and maintain ongoing partnerships based on SYED'S GROUP long heritage of accomplishment and integrity.

Under the Board’s leadership, SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing" has developed into an organization capable of meeting the challenges of a changing world. With their active involvement in the community, as well as numerous affiliations within various industry organizations, the Board of Directors carry on the family tradition established long ago by Syed Ishrat Ali Shah (Late). Together, they share a common vision and remain dedicated to building a strong future for the company.