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The SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing" Distribution Network is Everywhere Your Products Need to Be Immediate Market Access
The SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing" Consultant services is Everywhere Your Products Need to Be
How do you get your products to all of Middle East principal cities of commerce? How do you reach the thousands of traditional outlets that are so critical for market penetration? Quality service and efficient delivery play a critical role in your products’ life-cycle management.
SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing" sophisticated consultant services seamlessly reaches over 20,000 retail outlets in more than 140 cities and important rural areas. Our 4 consultant offices are located throughout the Middle East and a fleet of over 20 modern delivery vans ensure timely deliveries to retail centers. With capabilities to handle any size volume, we provide a single-source for end-to-end responsibility of the entire consultant services. Enhanced technology systems enable SYED'S GROUP to instantaneously monitor the entire network. From dockside port services to marketing the product and keeping grocery shelves properly stocked, SYED'S GROUP is equipped to handle your brand’s needs.
Immediates Market Access
What’s the most efficient way to get your brands to market? Rely on SYED'S GROUP "Multinational Brands Marketing" infrastructure and expertise to get you there. Our dynamic distribution network and application of the most recent technologies provide added value for our clients. This dedication has built the impressive "Multinational Brands Marketing"  portfolio to over 40 brands, many of which enjoy premier status within the Pakistan as the #1 or #2 brand of choice in their respective categories. Our heritage of accomplishments includes over 10 years of experience and integrity, providing detailed knowledge of our land and its people. Benefit from that experience and put SYED'S GROUP to work for you.
SYED'S GROUP is the exclusive Consultant in Pakistan.
Contact us to discuss your brand’s specific requirements and offer our insights and suggestions on distributing product in the Pakistan.