Did You Know
There is much more to MIDDLE EAST and Pakistan than you might have considered. This is a young and vigorous countries (50% of the population is under the age of 20), with a growing professional and middle class society of brand-conscious consumers. This international community seeks a wide variety of high quality consumer products to enhance their lives. So whether you are marketing packaged foods, household products, personal care items or any other fast moving consumer goods, the Middle East population represents prime prospects for your brands. They know and care about the quality and benefits of the goods they buy, including product performance, as well as health and nutritional benefits.
  Have You Considered  
  • MIDDLE EAST is the largest consumer of imported food products – nearly $29.2 billion worth annually.
  • MIDDLE EAST is the largest market of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
  • The United Arab Emirates is the largest GCC importer of U.S. goods – $6.2 billion in 2001 – and the 20th largest import market in the world.
  • MIDDLE EAST has the largest Gross Domestic Product of all GCC countries, with sustained growth of more than 8% annually.
  • Commercial development in the country is fueled by economic stability and business-friendly policies.
  • Dollar-linked currency presents almost no currency risk.
  • MIDDLE EAST offers economic diversity – since 1970, the non-oil sector portion of UAE’s GDP has grown to more than 70%.
  • Rapid development of urban areas continues to drive Western-style consumer trends and a demand for branded products.
  • There are more than 86,000 retail grocery outlets nationwide throughout the MIDDLE EAST and Pakistan.
  • Retail grocery outlets range from large supermarkets and club stores to local grocery stores and smaller food shops.
  • Supermarkets are often found in shopping malls, influencing consumer patterns and expanding brand reach and exposure.
  • Western, Arab and Asian expatriates help stimulate demand for international products and world-class brands
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