Doing Business in PAKISTAN? Pakistan Business Formation and Setup Made Easy
There are many reasons to choose to set up or expand your Business in Pakista and reasons why Pakistan still remains by far the number one business location in the Region. Despite the much publicized economic down turn which impacted Pakistan real estate and banking sectors hardest, Pakistan has now managed to stabilize itself financially and is starting to show signs of a very strong revival. There are many reasons for this and none more compelling than the economic diversity of Pakistan. The fact is that many years before the real estate boom, Pakistan was still a very strong and growing economy and was already the international hub of the South Asia.
Pakistan power industries include FMCG, Building Construction, Textile, Shipping, Tourism, Media, IT, Retail, Exhibitions, General Trade,  & Banking as well as being one of the world’s major Business hubs. Where else can you think of that has such a strong business base for such a relatively potential country.
As Europe and the USA bed down for what looks like could be a long and drawn out period of low economic growth, high unemployment and government budget cuts, Pakistan looks more and more like the place to explore double digit growth. With easy geographical access to the tiger economies of the East and perfectly placed to access the growth and cash rich economies of the gulf as well as being by far the most live able place in the Asia and with minimal tax, low rents, a free lifestyle and great weather, Pakistan makes the perfect choice.
Our business advisors have been setting up new businesses in Pakistan for years and know all the ins and outs. They will be happy to give you the advice that you need and will most likely already have experience in setting up your business type. It pays to rely on professionals who will give you the proper sound advice that you can trust. Your companies’ legal framework is something that is important to get right.
We provide the following valuable and cost effective support services
• Arrangement of Joint Venture
• Arrangement of side agreements with sponsor
• Drafting of Memorandum of association
• Drafting of Power of attorney
• Drafting of Board resolutions
• Drafting of agreements
• Drafting and legalization of will
• Change of Shareholders of a company
• Change of Managers of a company
• Change of Activities of a company
• Change of Directors of a company
• Change of Name of a company
• Corporate restructuring
• Liquidation of company
• Local and international attestations
• Arrangement of bank loans
• Visa and immigration assistance for investors and employees
• Family visa assistance
• Emirates ID assistance
• Driving license exchange assistance
• Bank account opening assistance
• Customs assistance
• Registration with Chamber of Commerce
• Renewal of Trade licenses
• Amendment in MOA
• Accounts and Finance personnel recruitments
• Trade mark registrations
• Insurance advisory